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Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, located in the beautiful Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, offers associate degrees, certificates, and certification training in liberal arts, business administration, and allied health fields.  The college is dedicated to providing a diverse student population with collaborative programs and support services to improve the quality of life and promote economic development in its service area.  In order to do so, staff and faculty members count on the efficient and reliable operation of important tools, including a number of copiers and printers. 

When leases on seven of their machines were about to expire in 2015, Jeannie Flowers, the college’s Purchasing Agent, met Steve Burns from Dice Office Equipment.  After assessing the situation, including the college’s copying needs and budget considerations, Steve recommended switching to brand new Xerox copiers, capable of operating at 55 pages per minute, and at a considerable cost savings.  The decision to accept Steve’s recommendation resulted in the college receiving seven new machines, which operated faster than the old ones and provided a 34% reduction in their monthly payment.  And, this new lower payment included the cost of the equipment lease, service provided by highly qualified Dice technicians, and all operating supplies such as toner and maintenance kits. 

It’s no wonder that Jeannie called Steve a year later, when the leases on two additional machines were about to expire.  The folks at Dice did it again, providing two new 55 page per minute, color Xerox machines, resulting in an additional cost savings for the college. 

Besides enjoying faster machines, faculty and staff members experience less downtime with the more reliable equipment.  Additionally, Xerox allows customers to stock commonly used supplies which are easy to install, such as toner, drums, transfer units, transfer rollers, and this saves even more time by minimizing the need to wait for a technician to arrive and perform these minor tasks.