42625038 - businessman working at a untidy and cluttered deskIt may seem odd for a printing supply company to share ways to reduce printing in the workplace, but it isn’t. We want your printing to be as effective as possible. It starts with the printing assessment. Then we find the right solution for your business. We want to save you money on printing costs and help reduce wasteful printing!

Excessive printing and paper waste is bad for the environment and for your budget. That said, here are some great ways you can cut down on how much you print:

  1. Print only when necessary. This one might seem obvious, but with the convenience factor of the printer, it seems easier to print something. Resist the urge unless it’s critical.
  2. Switch to digital storage. There are digital storage programs you can use like Google Docs and Dropbox, as well as others. You can set permissions regarding who has access to edit or share the documents.
  3. Use presentation software. Powerpoint may be boring, but it is a great way to save on printing costs. Try one of these great new presentation programs.
  4. Edit your work before your print. Have you ever printed something and realized that there is a big typo, or worse, a grammatical error? No more. Edit your work before you hit print and you’ll save the extra print job.
  5. Send out agendas and meeting notes via email. Send out an email before the meeting with any notes. People can them pull the notes up on their laptops/tablets/smartphones and follow along.
  6. Take digital notes! Use your phone, tablet or laptop to take notes. Encourage your staff to do this, too. Bonus: it’s easier to reference back to them than searching for a printed page.
  7. Record your meetings. If you are having a meeting, record it. Then send the file to your employees. They can re-watch and review it at any time, without having to search for a piece of paper.
  8. Use more efficient equipment. Old printers and copiers that jam and waste paper will cut into your budget. Getting new and more effective equipment can help you save paper and time. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.
  9. Recycle paper. Reusing paper and recycling can save a lot of waste. It can be a great way to get your office on the green path.
  10. Get a printing assessment. If you have no idea how much paper you are using or wasting, then you need a printing assessment. We’ll evaluate your printing needs so we can make recommendations.

Bottom line: We’re here to help you and your business save time and money and that includes the right technology solutions.