26110430 - professional cleaners team working at living roomSpring is officially here, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Once a year it’s time to dust off the cobwebs, sweep out the corners and reorganize the office. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the job this year? It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve compiled a list of tasks to help get your office spic and span in no time. Start with these five jobs.

  1. Clear paper clutter. Loose paper, books, magazines, brochures, letters and other junk are easy to pile up and forget. Those piles get big quickly. Commit a few hours to sorting your paper piles. Once you’ve done that, start an easy filing system.
  2. Sweep and dust all the hidden spaces. Dust accumulates fast. If you’re not diligent with daily dusting, your office will soon be covered. This dust can cause allergies, sickness, and plug up your equipment. Pull out all your big furniture like your desk, copier/printer, filing cabinet and give it a good dusting. If you keep up with this task every few months, it wouldn’t be such a big, dusty job!
  3. Disinfect shared surfaces. Guess what? Not everyone washes their hands as often as you do. All that dirt and bacteria will transfer to any shared surface. No matter how regularly you disinfect your keyboard or mouse, it all gets ruined when you go to use the shared copier/printer, office fridge or even touch the light switch. Disinfect all shared surfaces and add that job to your weekly or daily cleaning list.
  4. Clean your desk. A messy desk makes your office space look dirty and slows down your productivity. If you need to tidy up your desk, follow the expert Marie Kondo. Here’s her method for tidying your desk. Share this video around your office and give everyone time to tidy up their desk!
  5. Deep clean the kitchen. Most organizations have a shared kitchen. This area is usually one of the biggest dirty culprits. This year, work together to deep clean it. Wipe out the cupboards, clean out the fridge, and disinfect the microwave, oven and other appliances. Throw out old food and other junk. Once you’ve got the deep clean done, create a daily task sheet to keep the kitchen clean in the future. Divide the tasks up among the office and hopefully by next spring your kitchen will still be neat and tidy.

Keeping the office clean can be a difficult task, but it pays off. You work better in a clean and neat environment. It looks better for your customers and it will help keep your equipment like your printer/copier in good working order. Go deep for your spring clean this year!