42158657 - asian beautiful woman using printer in officeThere are two main types of printers in most offices: inkjet and laser printers. Determining which one you should have in your office can be a daunting process. With a little information about each, we can recommend which type of printer will work best for your needs.

Inkjet printers are smaller versions of traditional printing presses. Different colored inks are loaded into the printer as cartridges. While printing, they move across the page depositing ink in the correct place to create the picture. Inkjet printers are fairly common, as they are often cheaper, easy to use, small and can deliver a quality print. They print slowly one page at a time, but you can print on any type of paper and it is easy to replace and refill ink cartridges.

Laser printers work a little differently. Unlike an inkjet printer, the technology that is used in laser printing is a more complex. It is similar to a photocopier. The image to be printed is scanned across a drum inside the printer, which creates an electrostatic image that is then printed on the paper using toner. The whole process is pretty complicated. What you need to know is that laser printing is fast. Most laser printers cannot handle sophisticated print jobs or a variety of printing materials. Laser printers tend to be more expensive at first, but they are cheaper to run (for simple jobs) and can last for years.

Which one is best for your business? That depends on what you print. If you print simple black and white text documents in large amounts, laser is a great investment. It’s fast and will last a long time. If your printing needs are more specific, an inkjet printer might be better. How do you choose?

That’s where we come in. We can recommend the right set up for your business. Maybe it’s a combination of laser and inkjet printers. Maybe it’s one or the other. By performing a print analysis of your paper needs, we can create a customized solution just for you. Remember, when you work with us, you aren’t just going to be getting a printer at your local computer store. We’ll find the best quality machines suited to your needs and budget. That’s why we are here to help.