20193509_SThe history of printing changed the world. The first Gutenberg press, invented in the 1430s, revolutionized the written word. This invention evolved for hundreds of years, until 1938. This was when Xerox used a dry photocopying technique to create photocopies. Then came the first commercial photocopier in 1949 and the first plain paper copier, in 1959.

These inventions changed the way that we work. Instead of copying written documents by hand, we could now copy them with a machine. Efficiency improved and so did technology. It was easier to share knowledge than ever before.

Finding the right printer/copier for your organization is like a technological breakthrough. The old methods that were cumbersome and slow in your office become streamlined. Time is used more efficiently. Knowledge is more easily shared. It can even help with your budget!

One of our happy clients, the Community State Bank of Orbisonia, found this to be true. Our team performed a print assessment. We determined that much of their equipment was old and in need of repair. We replaced their old equipment, and set them up with a full maintenance agreement. Now every branch has the same equipment. There is less downtime spent learning how to use equipment or repairing it. We helped to shave off $500 a month from their budget.

The Gutenberg press changed the world. Let us help to change your world. We can help you find the right solution that will make it feel like you aren’t in the dark ages anymore. Printing technology has evolved and your organization’s need to follow suit. It’s time for a change.