Changing printer inkRunning your business or organization isn’t easy. The last thing you should have to worry about is the printer. Eventually, you will end up trying to fix your printer. Old printers easily jam, don’t connect to the network, and can create extra work when it’s time to change the ink. We can fix these problems. Here’s how:

Problem: Your printer is constantly jamming. Three things cause printer jams: incorrect paper loading, roller damage, or low quality cartridges or paper. To fix a paper jam, you need to turn the device off, open the tray to see where the paper flows and find the jam. If you can reach in and remove the jam, you are in business. If not, you’ll need to remove the cartridge to get to the jam. Once the paper is removed, make sure the rollers are turning properly so it doesn’t happen again.

Problem: Your printer doesn’t connect to your network. Printer connectivity problems are one of the biggest issues for many organizations. It can be frustrating to try again and again to get the printer to print. Always make sure that the printer’s drive is installed on your network and your Wi-Fi settings are configured properly. Check all cables and cords to make sure nothing has come loose. If that still doesn’t work, call our service team for help identifying the problem.

Problem: Changing the ink or toner cartridges is too difficult. If you are using the manufacturer recommended cartridges, it should be easy. If you are using generic cartridges; however, they might not fit as well. Our installation team can show you how to change your printer ink when they deliver your machine. If you are still having trouble, call our service line and we will help you figure it out.

There are a number of problems that can arise with printers. That’s why we always recommend our maintenance agreements. If you have any issues, we are a phone call away. If we can’t talk you through it, we’ll send out a qualified technician to help. Don’t keep struggling to fix a printer that keeps breaking. We can help you upgrade your equipment so it is user friendly. Call us today for help!