71905513_MDo you know how much money you spend on printer ink? It can be more than you think if you don’t have an efficient printer. We know that money is always tight. That’s why we perform a printing assessment to help figure out which machines will work best for your needs now.

Every printer ink cartridge has a paper yield. Paper yield is the predicted number of sheets you should be able to print per cartridge. If you take the price of the ink cartridge and divide it by the paper yield number, you’ll get the cost per page. For example, a $50 ink cartridge with a 300-page paper yield would cost about 16 cents a page. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up over time. There are ways to stretch out your ink and to save on ink costs. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Invest in a laser printer. Laser printers use toner and can print faster. They’re great for black and white print jobs, and the toner doesn’t dry out like ink can. If you need an efficient, basic printer, ask us about a laser printer.
  • Copy instead of print. Most photocopiers use a process called xerography to print. Xerography is a dry process that transfers toner particles onto the paper. Laser printers use the same method. If you only need copies of a document, print one and photocopy the rest.
  • Edit your work before you print. We all make typos and grammatical errors. A quick edit before you hit print can save you time and ink.
  • Check your printer settings. Adjust your printer settings to draft and print in grayscale to save some ink.
  • Use smaller fonts and less color. The more space your ink has to cover the more you will use. Reduce your font size and limit your color options to save your ink.
  • Check your ink cartridges. A low ink warning is a lot like the empty fuel warning on your gas tank. You’ve still got a ways to go. Instead of ditching the cartridge as soon as it hits low, check for clogs and give it a shake. Shaking it will break up any clogs or dry ink so you can use every last drop.

Our last tip is to call us. When we recommend machines, we take into account the cost of printing. We’ve helped customers reduce their overall printing budget by switching out old printers and copiers for more efficient ones. We offer leases, short-term rentals, and maintenance agreements to help keep your costs low. Don’t waste your ink on old machines; call us for an upgrade!