Finding a machine shouldn’t be an overwhelming project, but often times it can be given the many brands, features, and options to consider. Our goal is to make this process easy by answering all your questions and helping you find the best machine for your needs. We offer a variety of equipment options, from small desktop machines to large commercial copiers, and would love to help find the right one for you!

Once you have chosen a machine, we can deliver, install, and network the machine, then train you on the equipment to make sure you are comfortable operating it. If you need repairs or supplies, including toner, for the machine to keep it running well, we can help with that too!

Functions and Features

We provide quality machines with a variety of functions and features to meet your needs.

Will you need to… Print? Copy? Scan? Fax? Email?

Perhaps you will need access to several of these functions and would benefit from a multi-function machine that is capable of performing all of these functions.

Will you need to print in color as well as in black and white?

We would love to help you find a machine with the right features you need to be successful and efficient!

To keep your machine performing its best and creating top quality documents and materials, ask us about our maintenance agreement options.

New and Used Options

We offer new state-of-the-art copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, shredders, etc. from the brands you have come to know and value.

In addition to our wide range of new product options, we offer fully refurbished used equipment. With this option, you will get a used machine price with a new machine feel and result. All of our used machines are tested to ensure that they are in excellent condition.

Maintenance agreement options are available for both new and used equipment, and we offer several payment options to suit your needs.

Buy, Lease, or Rent

Machines come in all shapes and sizes, and we understand that your budget is also unique.

We want to help you find the best machine to meet your needs and keep your cost down, so we hope to meet you where you are with options to buy, lease, or rent a machine. Most customers buy or lease their machines, but renting may be the right option if you need a machine for a special project or an undetermined amount of time. Give us a call today at 800-495-DICE [3423] to ask about how our payment options.

For your convenience, and to keep your machine running well at minimum cost, we also offer maintenance agreements.

Have questions? Need more information? Want to request a free consultation?